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Sweat is inevitable because it's so hot outside! Except for when you're a cartoon caricature or the star of a horror film, runny makeup is not a nice look.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your makeup:

Using less makeup

If you must, make it as straightforward as you can. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, the Kenyan actress Lupita stated that simplicity is key to flawless makeup, particularly in the hot and dry season. Reduce your makeup arsenal to the bare minimum if you typically use seven products. This will limit the amount of makeup that gets lost.

Stay away from powder.

Powder and extreme heat don't mix. The powder will stick to your face, clog your pores, and give the impression that you just lost a battle against a sandstorm.

Apply tinted moisturizer or B.B. cream.

Try using a tinted moisturizer or B.B. (Beauty Balm) cream in its place if you can go without makeup. Despite being lighter than a foundation, these two provide coverage, functioning essentially identically. It is also a terrific approach having a natural, perfect makeup appearance. Just make sure both products have sunscreen, or put sunscreen on first and then apply the tinted moisturizer on top.

Prepare your eyeliner with a primer.

Use an eye primer, which will help keep your mascara in place, to stop your eyeliner from smudging. The other option is to use robust, water-resistant mascara to withstand a downpour.

Putting Spray

Setting spray is one of those items that seems superfluous but is useful for maintaining your makeup in place. It is used by musicians worldwide (Beyonce comes to mind). Setting spray is a mist that sets makeup in place so firmly that it takes several washes to remove it.

Have you ever wondered how Beyoncé keeps her cosmetics intact while giving a powerful performance?

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