The government outlines plans to restructure the NHIF into the NSHIF.
The government outlines plans to restructure the NHIF into the NSHIF.

 Dr. Nakhumicha Wafula, Cabinet Secretary for Health, received a courtesy call on Wednesday from the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) leadership and the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) management to discuss the ongoing restructuring process.

The Kenyan government is renaming the NHIF the National Social Health Insurance Fund (NSHIF) to ensure that Kenyans have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, as envisioned in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

The meeting was attended by the FKE CEO, Jacqueline Mugo, the NHIF Chairperson, Eng. Michael Kamau, and the CEO, Peter Kamunyo.

The government officials and NHIF management outlined the plans and strategies for restructuring NHIF to NSHIF.

The NSHIF will increase the number of services covered and the network of healthcare providers, improve the fund's efficiency and transparency, and ensure that Kenyans have access to quality, affordable healthcare.

The FKE leadership supported the government's efforts to provide universal health coverage for all Kenyans and proposed measures to ensure that employers and employees are adequately represented in the new NSHIF governance structure.

The NHIF's chairperson and CEO pledged to work closely with the government to ensure the restructuring process's success.

They also emphasized the importance of public education and awareness campaigns.

The Cabinet Secretary thanked the FKE leadership and NHIF management for their dedication to improving the country's healthcare system.

She emphasized the government's determination to achieve universal health coverage, a key priority in the Big Four Agenda.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from all parties to continue working together to ensure the successful implementation of the NSHIF restructuring process, which is expected to result in significant improvements to Kenya's healthcare system. Read also Breaking News: Government Renames NHIF to National Social Insurance Health Fund.

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